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sorry things have been so slow here lately.

i’ve been super busy – i’m trying to prepare my thesis proposal, which i get to defend in front of a bunch of really, really smart mit professors on june 15th. scary stuff.

i’m also infirmed: i got shingles last week and it’s been a bathtub of fun.

finally, i’m still getting over seeing my boss in the locker room over at the pool.  doing his impression of michaelangelo’s david. call me a prude, but i think that triggered the shingles. [really, my sensitivities are so sheltered that up until high school, i thought me and my sister had both been immaculately conceived.]

will set aside time soon to write some proper notes on these events.

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One Response to “s….l….o….w…..”

  1. on 29 May 2007 at 11:51 am ly

    relax, locker room is bound to happen one day. you’re human and he’s also human. there’s nothing he has that you don’t. so just chill. :)

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