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jamis mountain bike

some people when they get stressed eat chocolate. others kick fluffy bunnies. when i get stressed, i look for bikes on craigslist. and unfortunately, when it comes to resisting buying new bikes, i fold faster than superman on laundry day. (if you thought that was corny be glad i didn’t write: “i == 1 ohm”)

so, even though my 20-page thesis proposal is technically due tomorrow and i’m only done editing pages 1-6, i dragged christina out to the suburbs this evening and bought the bike pictured above. three reasons why it would have been immoral not to have purchased said bike: 1) it was going for a really cheap song; 2) i don’t think anyone will notice if my thesis proposal is 3 days late; 3) the thing has disc brakes! knowing my brakes don’t lose stopping power in the rain is such a turn on.

when will the bike madness end in our apartment?! right now, we’ve got 6 bicycles between christina and i — and i promise we actually ride all of them. a wise man once said, the right number of bikes to own is n-1, where n == the number of bikes that causes your spouse to divorce you. unfortunately, christina isn’t being the negative feedback mechanism she ought to be: chris bought herself a really sweet trek road bike 2 weeks ago off of craigslist.

where the hell are we going to put all these things?

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2 Responses to “bikes!”

  1. on 06 Jun 2007 at 4:03 pm Andrew Louie

    nice bike!

    Man Im dying for a ride, Triathlon in 2 months, I need better fitting shoes.

    If only I can find the time, I want to get a junky fixed gear.

  2. on 07 Jun 2007 at 9:02 am Lawrence David

    i see fixed gears on craigslist all the time for 125 and less. fun fun!

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