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Archive for June, 2007

i narrowly passed my thesis proposal defense the other friday. it wasn’t catastrophic or anything like that, but it certainly didn’t go as well as planned. for one thing, the oral examination was much more serious than i had anticipated. i hadn’t been so naive as to think my orals would be fun — a […]

goodsell’s cell

while making slides for my thesis proposal this friday, i came across this beautiful triptych of a macrophage attacking an e.coli cell. this painting definitely needed to shared; it does a fabulous job of illustrating how remarkably dense a living cell is. (the fact that interacting biomolecules find one another amidst this mess is proof […]

bike circuits

i saw a terrific bike today on mass ave. in cambridge, right by city hall. what set this bicycle apart was its electronic wiring.  it had 2 headlights and 2 tail lights.  each was homemade: the designer had taken some translucent salt and pepper shakers and studded their ends with LEDs from radioshack.  i followed […]

the weekend before my quals, i decided to relax a bit and go camping on the boston harbor islands with some friends. we had a great time and i took some nice photos. getting out to the islands is easy — you just take the subway to the ferry run by the national park service. […]

last night, christina and i went to the middle east here in cambridge and learned that the architecture in helsinki are disingenuous folk. they are neither from finland nor are they a particular style of building. and, their laid-back, lullaby-like recordings totally belie the energy of their live shows: watching the architecture in helsinki is […]

radiator farm

radiator farm — somerville, ma.

this is nuts.  blackwell publishing wants $54.83 for a 3 page paper about a program that runs 2 statistical tests. if not for the institutional license, i bet you’d find half the scientific literature on bittorrent.


i blame my undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering for why i’m a hypochondriac. when you learn about how complicated things like renal clearance, action potential propagation, or even cellular duplication are, it’s not hard to imagine some small biological cog coming loose and your body’s processes slowly grinding to a phlegmy halt. come to think […]