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Archive for July, 2007

i just lived through a great moment in programming. this afternoon, i caught a subtle error in a 1023-line (not including comments) program whose results are about to be featured in a publication.  spotting and squashing this bug not only explains one mysteriously anomalous result i’ve been getting for months, but has also likely provides […]

spotted the other night on berkshire st. while on the way to the pub.  perhaps this car’s owner is just very forgetful?

frank fife/reuters apparently, synthetic drugs aren’t the only banned substances at the tour de france: Through the first 12 stages of the Tour de France, at least 10 riders have been cited for violating Articles 12 and 29 of the cycling code, regarding correct comportment on the race course. According to the citations, the riders […]

spider plant attacks!

craigslist is our travel agent for boston; following used bike listings keeps taking us to new parts of the city. a couple of weeks ago, in the hopes of finding a $100 bianchi road bike, we made our way to hingham, on boston’s south shore. [unfortunately, we were out of luck. the nice old woman […]

Do I really want to make a career out of being in academia?  Grad school, a post-doc, tenure-track faculty positions — not only does the whole process seem overwhelmingly competitive and anxiety-racked, but the very notion of academia seems a little contrived.  I think one of the reasons I became a grad student was because […]

i’ve been in the hospital for the past 5 days. there’s no internet here and i’ve got two IVs in my arms. i’m not really in the mood to write code. i figured i might as well fill in all the blanks in my blog over the past couple of months — scroll down to […]

this whole bleeding escapade was really poorly planned. going to the hospital effectively ruined what i had been looking forward to throughout my thesis proposal/shingles-racked summer: a trip to LA to see my cousin get married, followed by 3 weeks of backpacking through thailand, cambodia, and burma. my disappointment in missing those trips officially cinches […]

long weekend

it’s been a rough couple of days. thursday morning, i get a call from my gastroenterologist. apparently, my polyp had a pre-cancerous adenoma in it. [bad polyp, bad!] that doubly sucks: 1) i had something with the word “cancer” in me (scary even with the prefix pre-). 2) i’ll have to start getting regular colonoscopies […]

butt exam

my body is sorely confused — it must think i’ve joined AARP or something. last month, i’m struck by the bane of geriatrics: shingles. today, i underwent the universal rite of senior citizenhood — the colonoscopy (a fancy word for a butt exam). you see, my quals weren’t the only test i took this summer. […]

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