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Archive for September, 2007

honduras pt. 1

ok, i’ve finally downloaded & curated some of the ~1000 or so photos i took during our recent trip to honduras.  so far, i’ve only gone through about the first 36 hours of our trip. we start off at approximately 1 AM on the living room floor of a hostel in the industrial center of […]

learning to sail

chris and i took mit’s free sailing class a couple of weeks ago.  it’s a pretty sweet deal: you get 3 hours of instruction and a chance to take a dinghy out onto the charles.  in return, you wear a life jacket and promise not to drown. sadly, i don’t have any photos from inside […]

last flowers of summer

i found these guys hiding out by the library across the street from our apartment.  sad to think that these guys won’t last much longer; it’s getting so cold outside now, and it’s only september!

garage sale

chris and i had a garage sale a couple of weekends before we went to honduras. it was incredible how win-win garage sales can be: we somehow convinced people to give us $125 and we cleared up the clutter in our apartment.  all we had to do was sit down  in the sun and play […]


will update blog again soon.  been so busy lately with work.  and, just got back from a 2 week adventure in honduras.  many fun pictures and stories to share soon!