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garage sale

chris and i had a garage sale a couple of weekends before we went to honduras.

garage sale

it was incredible how win-win garage sales can be: we somehow convinced people to give us $125 and we cleared up the clutter in our apartment.  all we had to do was sit down  in the sun and play scrabble for a couple of hours.

interesting garage sale observation: the vast majority of our sales weren’t made to little old ladies — they were made to pairs of middle age men.  it seems that in cambridge, it’s common practice for blue-collar, clearly heterosexual men to partner up and frequent garage sales.  they even play wingmen, goading each other on:

dude #1: what do i need a pressure cooker for?

dude #2: doesn’t matter.  that’s a fine pressure cooker.  buy it.

dude #1: ok.  [hands me $5]

sean even came by to sell a guitar and inspect my bike tires.

sean and bike tire

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