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Archive for October, 2007

gerbil babies

our gerbils are multiplying like rabbits. this is all sort of according to our planned gerbil parenthood, of course. as our beloved pets have matured and slowly approached the ends of their little furry lifespans, we’ve worried about replacing them. i don’t think we could just bring home some new gerbils from the pet store […]


saturday was eventful. it began with a 6-hour frisbee tournament, played in a cold mist in suburban massachusetts. our team won the consolation bracket. that night, chris and i, along with some friends from the lab, attended a pairs-themed costume party. i think the pictures do a good job of showing how good a time […]

verizon! [angrily shakes fist]

oh, the perils of hosting your webserver in your pantry. my dsl upload connection was broken all week (consequently taking this site offline). after hours calling tech support and waiting for technicians to arrive, i think everything is finally working again …


it’s late and i’m hungry, as i forgot to eat breakfast and dinner today. and now that it’s close to midnight and christina is asleep, there’s no point in going through the hassle of preparing a proper meal. what i need right now is the balut man. i learned about him the last time i […]

gallery2 + lightbox

ugh, it cost me two hours of sleep, but i finally got lightbox and gallery doing something that doesn’t suck. check it out! [click on one of the images] update: in another colossal¬† waste of several hours, i’ve finally wrestled the lightbox script into working with images linked from blog posts.¬† clicking on images in […]

google eight-ball

a morale-challenged friend forwarded this to me today: about 307,000 google results for: i really regretted quitting my phd about 1,090,000 for:  quitting my phd was the best thing i ever did

i love mit and the characters she breeds for instance, i played tennis today with a skilled, but a little out of shape alum. a former student, he was also a member of the inaugural mit blackjack team. i thought at first he was referring to the teams in “bringing down the house”; he clarified, […]