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Archive for November, 2007

after going through some more snapshots from honduras, it’s become clear to me what’s holding back our currency: lack of spectacular facial hair.

clap your hands

say yeah! i’ve got a gift for misreading the time and dates written on concert tickets. a couple of years ago, i managed to get chris to show up an entire week early to a rufus wainwright show in new york.  last monday was sort of a mini-reprise: i misread the middle east website and […]

big news

someone‘s going to med school next year!

during the summer me and exercise were starting to get real intimate. then came the unpleasantness. i’m glad to report that my body and i are starting to make nice again. i joined a frisbee team in the fall. i also rediscovered tennis, something i’ve been meaning to do for a while. tennis has been […]

summer in the city

the impending cold here in boston makes me miss two things: the summer and new york. i thought it’d make me feel a warmer to go through some photos i took in chinatown this past summer; and, it worked. ironically, however, my favorite photos from that roll almost all take place indoors.