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i’ve got a gift for misreading the time and dates written on concert tickets. a couple of years ago, i managed to get chris to show up an entire week early to a rufus wainwright show in new york.  last monday was sort of a mini-reprise: i misread the middle east website and brought christina to a clap your hands say yeah concert an hour before the first act even came on.

you know what though — not such a bad thing.  of course, we lost an extra hour or two of our lives to sitting with our backs against a stage as a little indie/hipster fashion show paraded into the room.  but in return, we found ourselves close enough to the band to take photos like the one below.  that is, when we weren’t jumping up and down in the wave of amazing-music-and-maybe-a-little-bit-of-ecstasy-fueled-euphoria flowing through the crowd behind us.  i swear i actually heard the motors and gears whir in my brain several times that night, placing the sight and sound of the band playing and the crowd dancing at the top of the memory queue for “youth spent in cambridge.”

clap your hands say yeah megaphone

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