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Archive for January, 2008


claudi, a german masters student who’s joining my lab for the next six months, has just moved out of our apartment.  christina and i were lending her a bedroom for these past two weeks, as she needed a place to stay until a reasonable sublet could be found on craigslist. i miss her already.  claudi: […]


chris had a med school interview at u chicago a couple of weeks ago and i tagged along.  we had a lovely time hanging out with her cousin and cousin-in-law who put us up for the weekend.  and, while chris went to sweet-talk the doctors, i walked around town and took some pictures.  in general, […]


in honor of today’s unseasonable warmth (60F!), i thought i’d post some photos taken only about a month ago during a blizzard here in cambridge.  (these photos especially deserve posting, since they were taken with the 35mm lens i slightly maligned in my last post.)  that storm, i should mention, was a complete mess: people […]

new lens

ahh, so many photos to post and stories to recount from past 2 months! and, no time for attending to them! what’s exacerbated the problem has been an increase in the rate at which i’ve been taking photos. you see, i indulged myself with a christmas gift this year of a new wide-angle lens (10-20mm); […]