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Archive for February, 2008

meet hubert, my octopus.  he came to visit last week while i waited for some particularly long modeling jobs to execute on the darwin computing cluster (more on that later). hubert’s timing couldn’t have been better, as his visit coincided with ned ruby‘s to mit.    here’s a picture of ned: ned is a microbiologist from […]

i got old today

my body is officially in decline. up and through college, i would not exercise for months, suddenly go for a run or play some tennis and not feel any aches. today, i ran 4 miles for the first time since the fall and now feel like my knees are going to push right through my […]


i’m really behind in sorting through the photos i’ve been taking.  here’re some from a trip i took with my family to the caribbean over the christmas break.  the trip was quite lovely — i can’t remember the last time my family was together, just the four of us, for an entire week.  i had […]

budding photographer

maybe someone should get christina an slr soon.  i’m digging her photos.

petsi pies.  jacob, chris and i went over to the shop on beacon for a warm & delicious apres-brunch snack.  there, i discovered two things: 1) petsi’s mixed berry pie is heavenly — tangible proof of a benevolent, pie-adoring god.  2) the name petsi comes from the renee’s (the proprietress) childhood nickname.  renee’s parents really […]

great day

i think a reasonable approximation of how interesting your day was can be gained by looking at the changes in your meal timing. dinner on schedule == nothing new. waiting an extra hour for dinner signifies something moderately unexpected (maybe good, maybe bad) came up. today, chris and i scored about +5 hours on my […]

it’s now 2.30 am and i’m still up trying to program on my dying powerbook.  christina fell asleep hours ago on the futon next to my desk. when it gets late, i try and take breaks to talk to subconscious christina. our conversations are usually very short and delightfully enigmatic. they’re like sleep haikus. slaikus, […]


gave christina her first squash lesson today. holy crap she’s talented. within an hour, she was able to hold a rally with me. of course, this was all to be expected. chris has got preternatural hand-eye coordination. last summer, i took her out to the baseball diamond across the street; she had never played baseball […]