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gave christina her first squash lesson today.

holy crap she’s talented. within an hour, she was able to hold a rally with me.

of course, this was all to be expected. chris has got preternatural hand-eye coordination. last summer, i took her out to the baseball diamond across the street; she had never played baseball before. within a couple of pitches, she was belting balls into the outfield.

in any case, i look forward to having a new squash partner.  i used to play quite a bit of squash in college (i was on columbia’s varsity team).   squash is a wonderfully demanding sport: i get a much better workout “squashing” than i ever do on the tennis court — both mentally and physically.  you’ve got many more options for each shot in squash as opposed to tennis (due to four walls surrounding you), and the rallies between skilled players last on the order of minutes.  squash is like is like a vacuum for your body — you walk off the court completely empty.

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