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petsi pies.  jacob, chris and i went over to the shop on beacon for a warm & delicious apres-brunch snack.  there, i discovered two things: 1) petsi’s mixed berry pie is heavenly — tangible proof of a benevolent, pie-adoring god.  2) the name petsi comes from the renee’s (the proprietress) childhood nickname.  renee’s parents really wanted a son (they ultimately had 5 children, all of whom were daughters).  during one pregnancy, to show fate they really meant business, they  promised to name the unborn child peter.  fate either didn’t care for her parents’ plans, or the name peter, as a girl (renee) was born.  still, her parents remained attached to “peter” and the nickname “petsi” was born soon thereafter.

2)   federal tax assistance software is the primary counter-example that any benevolent deity governs this world.  i spent 3 hours wrestling with turbo tax and it’s incredible repertoire of software glitches today.  i could actually feel my soul being squeezed out of me, as tech support had me re-enter my 1099-misc forms for the fourth time into their tax wizard.

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One Response to “petsi pies and the anti-pie.”

  1. on 12 Feb 2008 at 3:19 pm Andrew Louie

    If all else fails, use the Snipes Defense!

    your “tax Advisor” aka Turbo tax, is insisting that you not complete your taxes, because it is rejecting all of your tax forms! (note: not actual legal advice)

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