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Archive for May, 2008


it’s about 4pm on a tuesday and i’m ensconced in a glass atrium 5 stories about the street.  in front of me is a 60 foot high wall of glass, unbroken by frame or girder.  beyond that, a shrine to architecture is the horizon. due to it now being summer vacation at MIT, and this […]

i’ve only recently discovered: a) text messaging on my phone; b) t9 word completion.  i’m going to argue that i was born about 5 years too early for texting to be second-nature to me, the way using google comes so instinctively to my generation. in any case, a texting feature i discovered on my phone […]

new alm lab website

i got a little distracted lately and began designing our lab website. i ended up getting a lot distracted; iweb is incredibly easy to use and making extremely visually appealing websites with very little effort is addictive. if you’re interested in getting to see what happens when abercrombie & fitch meets a microbiology lab, check […]