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i’ve only recently discovered: a) text messaging on my phone; b) t9 word completion.  i’m going to argue that i was born about 5 years too early for texting to be second-nature to me, the way using google comes so instinctively to my generation.

in any case, a texting feature i discovered on my phone today made me so happy.  i wanted to text the name of a restaurant to christina and i was in t9 mode.  i figured that since the restaurant’s name was an obscure proper noun (Montien), my plans would be dashed and i’d have to go back to the old hunt-and-repeatedly-peck of standard text messaging.  but as i hit the number encoding the last character in the restaurant name, “Montien” suddenly popped into my text message.

and then it hit me: all the names in my phone’s address book had automatically been added to my phone’s t9 dictionary.

i’m not quite sure why that discovery brought me so much geek joy.  perhaps it was the knowledge that enabling this feature would never be advertised; it would never lead to more phone sales.  i’d be surprised if the anonymous programmer (or his/her manager) even won any accolades in their design team for adding this feature.

no, it’s my belief that some anonymous soul at LG took it upon themselves to add that feature simply because it would make a better phone.  someone took pride in their technological creation.

kudos to you anonymous worker, for going out of your way to make my life just a little bit easier.

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One Response to “hooray for anonymous programmer #348 @ LG”

  1. on 05 Jun 2008 at 2:19 pm kevin

    that really is cool. I just tried it on my samsung and it didn’t work.

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