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‘been practicing my trackstand for months now whenever i ride my bike to the lab

initially, i’d treat drivers at intersections to morning real-life youtube blooper clips. as i tried to keep my balance and avoid taking my feet off the pedals when stopped at red lights, i’d wildly thrash around on my saddle like an epileptic being stung by bees, until — at the last moment — i’d yank my shoes out of my toe-clips with the agility of a spastic panda bear.  all in the name of one day, being able to execute a trackstand at an intersection and impress some pedestrian i didn’t even know was looking at me.

well, my friends, i’m proud to report that june 6th, 2008, is that day.

sometime last week, i realized i could finally pull off an indefinite trackstand.  and, on my way home this very evening, i was trackstanding at an intersection when a dude strolled by on the crosswalk and said, “hey!  that’s really cool!”  i knew that what he said carried special significance, because he was wearing sunglasses in the early evening and he therefore had to be cool himself.

my ego is going to trackstand in front of christina all night.

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