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Archive for January, 2009

i don’t think i’ve blogged about this topic yet; with the aid of some wonderful experimental collaborators and my advisor, i co-authored a paper in science this past summer on microbial ecology. my contribution to the project was an algorithm i named AdaptML. it’s a pretty cool algorithm*: i think it’s one of the first […]

great moment #432: you’re brainstorming in your advisor’s office and the conservation culminates in his declaration: “we’ll become the watson and crick of poop!” i love grad school.

dinner with an architect

i had dinner with a good friend from high school — JD — last friday night.  we traded stories from high school, most notably reminiscing how he had actually dated lady gaga and brought her to prom. JD is now studying architecture up the street at harvard. it was insanely fun to talk to someone […]


this is one of those days that i’m really glad i’ve got a blog, and can record somewhere (that i won’t lose) what i was thinking the day barack obama was inaugurated. decades from now, when i, or perhaps even my children revisit this, i’m sure it’ll make for pleasant recollections. anyways, on to what […]

my bike ride to work today through the boston arctic was cold enough to make me wonder if my eyeballs could freeze in their sockets.  weather.com tells me it’s 0 degrees fahrenheit with the windchill — make that -5F or -10F then if you’re cruising along on your bike.  i did my best to bundle […]