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i had dinner with a good friend from high school — JD — last friday night.  we traded stories from high school, most notably reminiscing how he had actually dated lady gaga and brought her to prom.

JD is now studying architecture up the street at harvard.

it was insanely fun to talk to someone who devotes nearly all of his energy to being creative.  i had such a good time that i wanted to write down here some of the fun things we talked about:

  • architecture students are told by their professors on day 1 that, “you’ve already been in architecture school your entire life.  every hospital, every school, every home you’ve been in — those structures have been slowly been informing your sense of space and design.”
  • architects worry a lot about making “big mistakes.”  if you screw something up bad in science, no one reads your paper and it’ll get forgotten.  if you screw something up bad in architecture, evidence of your failure will stick around for decades …
  • we talked a lot about photography and design.  both force you to walk around and constantly study what’s in front of you: light, shadow, depth of field, angles, foreground, vanishing points, right angles.  “so many people just use their eyes to not walk into things.

also, people like JD who can draw out on bar napkins how to get mollusk shells from the golden rectangle rock.

mollusk shell from golden rectangle

mollusk shell from golden rectangle

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One Response to “dinner with an architect”

  1. on 05 Feb 2009 at 10:13 am AndrewL

    Arch’s are overrated =P

    Also cop’ing my schools logo:

    If it was only up the the Arch’s, you’d have a beautiful, desirable city, but most of the buildings will be uninhabitable. If it were only up to the Engineers, All the buildings will be habitable but no one would want to live in them.

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