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your move bacteria

just grabbed my first meal of street food in bangkok. i made sure to take ice in my glass and pour myself some water from the table jug of green tea.

your move gut microbes.

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  1. on 22 Jun 2009 at 8:27 am AndrewL

    Awesome! just last week I had some halal food: chicken and lamb over rice from the famous 53rd st halal cart, and that night I got one of the worst stomach cramps ever. The pain came in waves, like rolling thunder. You can feel it bubble up and then it hits like a charlie horse, but in your abdomen. The pain subsides after what feels like the longest 30 seconds, but it comes back for a few more hits, you know it coming, You hope it’s done, but you know it’s not. All I could do was sit there, grit my teeth, focus on breathing and try to ride it out.

    Best of Luck to you! =P

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