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back up!

so my server took a bit of a vacation the last week or so. last friday, i decided to try and earn my yellow belt in linux administration as i migrated my filesystem to a raid 1 configuration. [damn you newegg and your cheap hard drive deals!!] i figured that although i do regular backups […]

quid pro quo

just finished installing palm’s software that lets my antique sony clie play nice with my mac. only took 2 hours of my time and the incidental deletion of my desktop and all of its files and folders.  i can’t recall exactly what was there, but i’m sure it was important; why else would it be […]

breakfast blogging

i’m starting to adopt christina’s sleep schedule.  it’s comprised of: passing out on the couch while watching national geographic documentaries about giant crocodiles around midnight and waking up at 7.00 am to go to work. since no self-respecting programmer would show up to work at 7.30 am, i’ve decided to just have breakfast at home, […]

mit mystery hunt

lately, my research projects have begun to swell in terms of quantity, load (and hopefully importance.)  they sit on my head and threaten my cherished air supply, much in the way the obese and hirsute kazakh producer azamat attempts to suffocate borat with his ass cheeks. nevertheless, i allocated zero of yesterday to getting any […]

insanely busy – haven’t been sleeping much in weeks. nevertheless, not so busy that i can’t transcribe the pearls of wisdom my adviser eric bestowed upon me a couple of hours ago. 1)  never do anything (even under direct orders from your PI) that will not eventually become a figure in a foreseeable paper. 2)  […]

time burglers, beware

i actually wrote a piece of useful code today. it’s a little program that monitors the amount of time each application is at the forefront of your desktop (sorry, only for mac os x). this way, you’ll know how long you’ve actually spent doing work on your computer. it was inspired by a yet-to-be-built application […]

i came across this hysterical example of how to shoot yourself in the foot today, in unix: % ls foot.c foot.h foot.o toe.c toe.o % rm * .o rm: .o: No such file or directory % ls % hooray for geekery!


i have setup a linux-based music server that is wired to speakers throughout our apartment. it even feeds into the speakers in our shower (this has been a lifelong dream of mine). if you’ve got an account, you can choose what music plays in there!and, if you’d like to build a music server yourself that […]

the inner online stalker in me craves the ability to surf the web anonymously. unfortunately, most of the free proxy surfers out there either cost money or have very limited bandwidth. finally though, i’ve come across a free, super-fast proxy browser: google! simply go to their online webpage translator, select “translate a webpage” and choose […]

new theme

finally, i’ve scrapped the boring-bright default wordpress theme in favor of something more pleasing. hopefully, i’ll figure out how to embed the rest of this site in it. it’d be nice to also figure out how to automatically constrain the sizes of photos in posts, so that they don’t ruin this pages’ formatting …

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