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about a week ago, a couple of mit kids pulled the first spectacular hack i’ve seen during my short tenure here. the kids sacrificed their spring break to travel to caltech (which shares a pranking rivalry with mit) to “appropriate” this: it’s a 3-ton cannon that’s been a fixture on the caltech campus for decades. […]

SNL has been putting up a heroic fight against being lame lately. here’s the latest SNL digital short installment (most likely dreamt up by chris parnell, andy samburg, and the lonely island boys). this clip is particularly stunning: it features a brilliant gangsta rap performance by natalie portman. watch it here while you still can. […]

apparently, chuck norris has a good sense of humor; he’s teamed up with the absurb “chuck norris fact” website to produce a line of t-shirts. you can buy them here. and here’re the top facts getting put on shirts: Guns don’t kill people. Chuck Norris kills People. There is no theory of evolution. Just a […]

wisdom from med school students

there’s this monster thread on the “student doctor network forums” i came across via boing boing. the topic is “things i’ve learned in the emergency room.” there are some real gems: *** If you call EMS because your husband has collapsed on the floor it might be a good idea to mention that he did […]

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