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white christmas

christina and i took an old flexible flyer out to a staten island park during last night’s blizzard:

Christina and I threw our last study break as GRTs (RAs) last month.  We hoped to end on a high note with a memorable food theme.  In the end, we went with a long-promised and ill-conceived idea: gross foods of the world.  (Actually, due to a combination of our cultural expertise and the Philippines’ seemingly […]

table with a view

bangkok night view from a restaurant we ate at last night.

bangkok bites

bangkok is like the dollar store for dinner: pad thai, pad see yu, noodle soup, or duck and rice — a plate of it will invariably run you about $1 on the street. food carts are shipwrecked all over the sidewalks in our neighborhood and each has its own set of dishes. it’s like the […]

winter over?

Now that spring has sprung itself upon us, I’m hoping it’s safe to start posting pictures of what winters in Boston are like:

wonderful transaction seen scribbled on a bathroom stall here at school:

a good halloween

my highlight for the week (or perhaps the year?): dressing up as TIM the MIT beaver for the lab halloween party. it’s not everyday you get to dress up as a 7-ft tall beaver. i should note that it wasn’t all fun and games in there; the fan that was supposed to be installed in […]

autopano pro

i’ve discovered a new program for my mac this weekend that should make for a lot of fun w/ our summer backpacking pictures: autopano pro.   checkout what it did with 9 hand-held photos from bohol, philippines:


auntie danielle, my sister’s godmother and my mother’s best friend passed away last night.  i thought i’d leave a photo here of danielle that i took on our way to the philippines two years ago.

meet hubert, my octopus.  he came to visit last week while i waited for some particularly long modeling jobs to execute on the darwin computing cluster (more on that later). hubert’s timing couldn’t have been better, as his visit coincided with ned ruby‘s to mit.    here’s a picture of ned: ned is a microbiologist from […]

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