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i’m really behind in sorting through the photos i’ve been taking.  here’re some from a trip i took with my family to the caribbean over the christmas break.  the trip was quite lovely — i can’t remember the last time my family was together, just the four of us, for an entire week.  i had […]

budding photographer

maybe someone should get christina an slr soon.  i’m digging her photos.


chris had a med school interview at u chicago a couple of weeks ago and i tagged along.  we had a lovely time hanging out with her cousin and cousin-in-law who put us up for the weekend.  and, while chris went to sweet-talk the doctors, i walked around town and took some pictures.  in general, […]


in honor of today’s unseasonable warmth (60F!), i thought i’d post some photos taken only about a month ago during a blizzard here in cambridge.  (these photos especially deserve posting, since they were taken with the 35mm lens i slightly maligned in my last post.)  that storm, i should mention, was a complete mess: people […]

new lens

ahh, so many photos to post and stories to recount from past 2 months! and, no time for attending to them! what’s exacerbated the problem has been an increase in the rate at which i’ve been taking photos. you see, i indulged myself with a christmas gift this year of a new wide-angle lens (10-20mm); […]

2 things

1. i saw a remarkable overview talk today about the biodefense labs here at school.  it was given by one of the lab heads — a petite, middle-aged woman in a pretty skirt and wavy hair neatly pulled back in a ponytail. i think i described her to christina as looking like a gracefully aging […]

after going through some more snapshots from honduras, it’s become clear to me what’s holding back our currency: lack of spectacular facial hair.

clap your hands

say yeah! i’ve got a gift for misreading the time and dates written on concert tickets. a couple of years ago, i managed to get chris to show up an entire week early to a rufus wainwright show in new york.  last monday was sort of a mini-reprise: i misread the middle east website and […]

during the summer me and exercise were starting to get real intimate. then came the unpleasantness. i’m glad to report that my body and i are starting to make nice again. i joined a frisbee team in the fall. i also rediscovered tennis, something i’ve been meaning to do for a while. tennis has been […]

summer in the city

the impending cold here in boston makes me miss two things: the summer and new york. i thought it’d make me feel a warmer to go through some photos i took in chinatown this past summer; and, it worked. ironically, however, my favorite photos from that roll almost all take place indoors.

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