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i got old today

my body is officially in decline. up and through college, i would not exercise for months, suddenly go for a run or play some tennis and not feel any aches. today, i ran 4 miles for the first time since the fall and now feel like my knees are going to push right through my […]

petsi pies.  jacob, chris and i went over to the shop on beacon for a warm & delicious apres-brunch snack.  there, i discovered two things: 1) petsi’s mixed berry pie is heavenly — tangible proof of a benevolent, pie-adoring god.  2) the name petsi comes from the renee’s (the proprietress) childhood nickname.  renee’s parents really […]

verizon! [angrily shakes fist]

oh, the perils of hosting your webserver in your pantry. my dsl upload connection was broken all week (consequently taking this site offline). after hours calling tech support and waiting for technicians to arrive, i think everything is finally working again …

Do I really want to make a career out of being in academia?  Grad school, a post-doc, tenure-track faculty positions — not only does the whole process seem overwhelmingly competitive and anxiety-racked, but the very notion of academia seems a little contrived.  I think one of the reasons I became a grad student was because […]

i’ve been in the hospital for the past 5 days. there’s no internet here and i’ve got two IVs in my arms. i’m not really in the mood to write code. i figured i might as well fill in all the blanks in my blog over the past couple of months — scroll down to […]

this whole bleeding escapade was really poorly planned. going to the hospital effectively ruined what i had been looking forward to throughout my thesis proposal/shingles-racked summer: a trip to LA to see my cousin get married, followed by 3 weeks of backpacking through thailand, cambodia, and burma. my disappointment in missing those trips officially cinches […]

worst. night. ever.

this is nuts.  blackwell publishing wants $54.83 for a 3 page paper about a program that runs 2 statistical tests. if not for the institutional license, i bet you’d find half the scientific literature on bittorrent.


i blame my undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering for why i’m a hypochondriac. when you learn about how complicated things like renal clearance, action potential propagation, or even cellular duplication are, it’s not hard to imagine some small biological cog coming loose and your body’s processes slowly grinding to a phlegmy halt. come to think […]

sorry things have been so slow here lately. i’ve been super busy – i’m trying to prepare my thesis proposal, which i get to defend in front of a bunch of really, really smart mit professors on june 15th. scary stuff. i’m also infirmed: i got shingles last week and it’s been a bathtub of […]

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