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i will admit that i try and glance at the headlines on foxnews at least once a week. a solid chunk of america, i hear, gets their news there; making believe the website doesn’t exist won’t help me understand why half the country thinks the way it does. [and that's what i'd argue is going […]


like clockwork, my annual quarter-life crisis strikes each spring. daylight savings just gets my existential juices flowing. this time, i thought i’d worry about skating to where the puck is going to be; instead of grieving over what i’m doing with my life in the present, i’d worry about what’s going to happen to me […]

end hiatus

after an extremely unpleasant hiatus, my blog is back online.  that hiatus witnessed my very first anxiety attack, which surprisingly, bore many similarities to falling in love for the first time.  prior to both experiences, i had read and heard stories about them, so i knew they were possible.  at times, i even felt emotional […]

me: i got my grade in microbiology today.  i didn’t do as well as i had hoped – i got an A-. girlfriend: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! me: [horrified] that’s it, i’m playing dead again. [note: when you ride in the grad-school-grade-inflation-balloon, an A- is like getting a B.] what’s worse, being an overachieving grade snob or engaging […]


ugh. lost keys sometime before we went home this past weekend. thought i’d find them when i got back to my apartment. i didn’t. now, all sorts of worst-case-scenarios running through my head. (most involve psychopaths using the internet to find my address. you see, there was a scientific poster with my name on it […]

back home

hooray, christina and i are finally back home! actually, we got home yesterday – i couldn’t post anything until now, however, since our internet has been dead the last two days. ::angrily shakes fist at verizon:: of course, when the internet did come back on, i was greeted by this on my screen: up there […]

argh verizon!

argh, dsl (and therefore the webserver) was down for the past 6 days. can’t wait to ditch verizon when we move …

my new hero

i watched goodnight and goodluck for the first time tonight. i knew a little bit about murrow going into the movie, having heard a program on npr about the man. nevertheless, i was still blown away by the movie and ed murrow’s eloquence, integrity, and sense of justice. the man is my hero. i was […]

lately, graduate school has got me feeling like a manic-depressive. the week started off smoothly: my current research was going well (which always makes me happy) and, in preparation for my final lab rotation, i had finished setting up meetings with all the relevant folk at mit who might be interested in bioenergy research. and […]

whew, what a day

such an eventful day today. funny, considering that i thought it would be rather tame. i woke up this morning still not having finished my homework for my computational biology class (7.91); i was unprepared for the amount of busywork in the assignment. in any case, i was forced to stay home (and miss a […]

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