My Story Sample

Gurp’s Shop By: Benigno David Chapter 1 “Come on,”Gurp’s younger brother said to him, “let’s go play outside.” His brother was pulling his arm towards the door. “No,”replied Gurp, “ maybe tomorrow.” “You said the same thing yesterday!”whined his younger brother named Jimmy Gurp ignored him and walked away around their tiny house. A few… Continue reading My Story Sample

My trip to Asheville

On the 19th of February, my sister, my mom, and myself went to Asheville. Unfortunately, because of my dad’s grant(which he did not win 🙁 ) he could not make it to Asheville. We pulled into the mountain house around lunch time. When we were getting out of the car, our grandfather was helping us… Continue reading My trip to Asheville

taking my first flight (A story by Benigno David{this story is not real})

At first, he was scared. David was standing in the middle of the B14 gate. This was David’s first time riding a plane. He felt excited and nervous. Finally, the person at the front desk said ” First Class come board the aircraft.” David was very nervous now, his mom has bought them seats in… Continue reading taking my first flight (A story by Benigno David{this story is not real})

Christmas is coming!

Did you know that Christ was born on Christmas? If you didn’t I will tell you a little bit about Christmas. Christmas is a holiday for families to get together. Christmas is when Santa comes down the chimney to give presents to little children. Christmas is my favorite holiday! Christmas’s story

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