taking my first flight (A story by Benigno David{this story is not real})

At first, he was scared. David was standing in the middle of the B14 gate. This was David’s first time riding a plane. He felt excited and nervous.

Finally, the person at the front desk said ” First Class come board the aircraft.”

David was very nervous now, his mom has bought them seats in First Class as a treat because it was his first time flying.

His mom said, ” Don’t worry David, the aircraft is perfectly safe.”

After they boarded the aircraft, David took his window seat in first class. The flight attendant announced all of the safety instructions and they were off into the clouds. David looked down and saw nothing but the mountains and huge land masses covered in grass.

David thought that he was going to pass out until the flight attendant came and asked them if they wanted anything. David said ice cream, ice cream was his favorite food. A few moments later, the flight attendant returned with an ice cream sundae. David licked his lips and dug in. His mother smiled.

“This is one of the best experiences that I have ever had.” said David while smiling


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