My trip to Asheville

On the 19th of February, my sister, my mom, and myself went to Asheville. Unfortunately, because of my dad’s grant(which he did not win 🙁 ) he could not make it to Asheville.

We pulled into the mountain house around lunch time. When we were getting out of the car, our grandfather was helping us bring our stuff to the house. While this was happening, our grandmother were banging on the windows waving to us. When we finally got into the house. We took 30 minutes to settle down and take a break at the house before getting lunch. Our mom stayed back because she was very tired. She had stayed up until mid-night to work.

We went out to lunch with our grandparents. We ate hot dogs for lunch and then we went to downtown Asheville. Downtown was very full. We went chocolate shopping and my sister and I each got a mug! Then we went back to the mountain house to eat the Chinese food that we picked up then we played Mahjong.

The next day we went hiking in the mountains. After that, we went to get lunch. We had burgers for lunch and ribs for dinner.

The next day we went home back to chapel hill.

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