My Story Sample

Gurp’s Shop

By: Benigno David

Chapter 1

“Come on,”Gurp’s younger brother said to him, “let’s go play outside.”

His brother was pulling his arm towards the door.

“No,”replied Gurp, “ maybe tomorrow.”

“You said the same thing yesterday!”whined his younger brother named Jimmy

Gurp ignored him and walked away around their tiny house.

A few hours later, Gurp and Jim’s mom and dad came home from work.

“Hello Jim and Gurp.”said their dad with a smile

Their mom was already in the kitchen of their cottage making food for the family

While Jim and Gurp were watching TV, they heard a scream from the kitchen. They turned off the TV and ran to the kitchen. Their mom had an asthma attack. Soon, gurp’s dad had an inhaler in her mouth.

Before Gurp knew it, his mom was back to normal and they were eating supper. Gurp’s mom was blabbering about her work. Like normal, Gurp’s mom and dad took forever to finish dinner. Gurp went upstairs to go to sleep. He thought about how hungry he was and how his mom and dad could not put enough food on the table. He finally went to sleep an hour later. He dreamed about the wondrous food that could be on the table, he dreamed about eating his fill. He slept well but was very hungry the next day. As he rode on the bus to school, he thought about trying to put food on the family’s table. 

“Hey Gurp, What cha’ thinkin about?” Asked Jim

“Nothing.” replied Gurp

Jim looked at his tummy and then at Gurp “ Got any snacks?”

Gurp laughed but with sadness “ No Jim, you ask that every day.”

Gurp went back to thinking about how to put food on his family’s table. 

“I could start a shop with my spare time after school.” he thought

He could not brainstorm any more ideas so he decided he would set up a shop right on the edge of his family’s small property right at the intersection between HWY 77 and Querry Dr. Now he did not want his parents to know about this so he would set up right when he got home until 5 hours later, 30 minutes before his mom and dad got back. After school, he confessed to his brother about his plan to get more food. Jim immediately agreed to the plan for food. Gurp went onto the family chromebook and looked up the things he needed to get. He also created his allowance chart along with his brother’s allowance. Gurp needed about $20 and his allowance was $1 a week. So far, he and his brother already had $20 for their skateboards. Both of them agreed to use the money on the shop rather than the skateboard. When Gurp and Jim’s mom and dad got home that night, Gurp told his mom and dad that he and his brother were going to plant a garden. His mom and dad approved and they spent on the seeds, the fence, and the fertilizer all for $10. But Jim and Gurp’s real intentions were to start a fruit stand. Online, without their parents, they bought a bunch of wood, nales, and a ton of baskets for the fruit. The fruit seeds and the supplies came a day later. 

“ Come on Jim! Let’s get planting, then think of all the food we could eat.” The word “food” was the magic word on Jim.

“Ok then, if there is food.” said Jim happily

Together, the two brothers planted happily. They planted strawberries, mangos, bananas, oranges, lemons, pears, figs, tomatoes, watermelon, cantaloupe, and many more fruits and veggies. In the end, they had about a house’s sized garden. Every day, they set goals for what to buy later for their shop as well as their family. They bought one of the safes for their money from the stand. Their garden grew and grew until it was the size of a mansion. One day a year later, Gurp’s parents came home from work to find their little children having fun in their garden. 

“Look how big our kids are growing.” she said with a smile

“Yup.” replied Gurp’s dad

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