The breakfast

By;Pilar David

Today is 12/27/2021. Today we had breakfast in the hotel dining room. Today we are going to fly to Cuzco! I’m very excited!!


Going to Machu Picchu

Hi! My name is Pilar. Right now I am in a airplane, going to Machu Picchu, but I am going to rest at Miami first.My grandma and grandpa went to Machu Picchu, they and said it has a lot of bugs. 

Now,I am siting in a rockingchair in miami. We are going to Lima, an then we are going to hike to Machu Picchu, an then ride a bus down. In the airport, we have to wear masks because of COVID19 and omicrom. It is very sad. Tonight we are going to stay in a hotel, somewere in Lima. I am soooo excited, because tomorrow we are going to fly to Cuzco! 

Machu Picchu is a very very old city, high up in the mountains. Machu Picchu means old Mountain in a  very ancient language. It was named after a mountain that now protects Machu Picchu called Huayna Picchu, which means young peak. The story of Machu Picchu is; Once upon a time there was a very rich city called  Machu Picchu. It was very well hidden in the mountains.It was so well hidden, that when the emperor died, it eventually faded away.Now I’m somewhere in a Lima hotel, in a bed.



                         The tiger

Once upon a time, two little girls were staying with their grandma. One day their grandma went

to the supermarket to sell some things she had made on the weekend. Today was Monday.

On the way home, she met a Tiger. The Tiger was very hungry, so it ate the grandma.

It was still hungry, so it went to the grandma’s house to eat little girls.

It dressed in the grandma’s clothing so the children would let it in.

When it got to the grandma’s house the younger sibling opened

the door. The Tiger chased them until the older sibling shouted

run and ran out the door. So they prayed to the sky god for help.

The sky god sent a rope and pulled them into the sky. So the older

sibling became the moon and the younger sibling became the sun.


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