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i decided a couple of months ago to hookup to my linux box a brother laser printer i picked up on craigslist. the idea would be to make this a network printer, accessible from anywhere on my lan.

getting this thing installed (an HL-1240) though, was a nightmare. here’s how i finally got it working:

1) install apsfilter:

sudo apt-get install apsfilter

2) turn on lpd

sudo lpd

3) open up apsfilter

sudo /usr/share/apsfilter/SETUP

4) agree to everything; perhaps even send the software author a postcard.

once you’re at the configuration page, assuming you’re trying to install a brother laser printer:
5) choose the first configuration tab (printer driver selection)
a) choose the “other” driver; then choose the appropriate brother driver
6) return to the main menu and select interface setup.
a) assuming that like me, you’re using a stone-age parallel port connection, set the printer location to /dev/lp0. note that sometimes, you may have to change the permissions of /dev/lp0 for this to work correctly.
7) exit the installer, choosing to save your changes. then slay lpd and restart (sudo lpd).

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One Response to “how to install a brother laser printer in unix”

  1. on 03 May 2008 at 2:15 am B

    Brother has been offering Linux drivers for over a year now, I don’t know how the situation was back in 2006.

    Perhaps it is a bit more straigtforward now, in case of a laser printer.

    I set up an all-in-one inkt jet, with some difficulties, under various versions of Kubuntu using the .debs on their website.

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