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you can modify the header and/or body of gallery2 pages to customize your photo pages. for instance, i’ve added links back to my homepage and inserted some statcounter code to my gallery.

to make changes, first figure out what theme you’re using. (go to site admin –> themes.)

i’ll go through an example with my default template: matrix.

navigate to your gallery2 install and descend into the template folder:

$ cd ~/gallery2/themes/matrix/templates/

create a folder named ‘local’ (don’t change this name):

$ mkdir local

copy your theme.tpl file into this folder:

$ cp ./theme.tpl ./local/

now, your header information lives between the and tags in the code. you can also add code that you want to run in the body of pages. to prevent formatting errors, i’d advise adding the code right before the

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