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there are two ways to run a job after logging off a server.

let’s assume you’ve got a job named my_job.sh

(1) you can use nohup:

$ nohup my_job.sh &

(2) you can put the job into the background:

$ my_job.sh

[now, hit Cmd-Z]

$ bg

either way, when you log off, your jobs will keep running until completion.

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One Response to “keep unix jobs running after logging off”

  1. on 11 Dec 2007 at 10:25 pm Ilana


    I also like to use the screen function. This way you get to keep any STDOUT or STDERR output that printed while you were away. You type ‘screen’ to get a new shell (sort of), then when you’ve done your command, you type Ctrl-A Ctrl-D to detach the screen. To go back to it, you type screen -r. You can do a bunch of screens at once.

    I have no idea how to install things like this, but if you’ve got it on a computer, man screen will give lots of tricks.

    BTW, I put a link to your site on our research group’s website (above). Great tips!!

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