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while shopping for a used subwoofer, i found it helpful to have a set of pure tones on a cd that i could use to demo various speakers. in fact, i found those wav files so useful that i’ve uploaded them here for you to download for free.

uploaded tones range from 20 Hz (the low end of human hearing) to 100 Hz. even if you’re not in the market for a new subwoofer, they make neat toys for trying out low your current headphones or speakers go. you might be surprised as to how much of the frequency spectrum you’re missing out on!

matlab geeks: here’s the code used to generate these tones.

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3 Responses to “free low frequency pure tones for testing a subwoofer”

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  2. on 20 Nov 2008 at 7:18 pm jim

    I suggest pipe organ music to test the low frequencies.
    They go about as low as any instrument, I think.
    Of course there are synthesizers that go low. There’s a PJ Harvey album that has some really low synth in it.

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