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it took a little while to get my lightbox effects working with my wordpress blog [example] and my gallery2 setup [example].

here’s what i had to do:

  • to get the lightbox loading before the page finishes loading … i didn’t use lightbox, i used slimbox.
  • to get slimbox resizing images to fit the user window, i turned to the slimbox modification: slimebox.
  • i also modified slimebox so that it would display a link to the original image, using the tips found on mike’s page.
  • finally, to automatically add the “rel=lightbox” tag to all of my wordpress posts, i installed this plugin, which was found on this wordpress support page.

of course, that’s not the whole story — there were a bunch of little hacks here and there that needed to be done.  but, that’s the general outline of what you need to do.  leave a comment below if you need more help!

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  1. on 15 Nov 2008 at 10:08 am sanira

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