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upgrading wordpress can be a pain, especially given how vague the official upgrade instructions are.

here’re some actually useful instructions i found on the wordpress forums, courtesy of “nolageek”; of course, they assume you have ssh access to your server.

1. Download backup of database.

2. Upload unzipped WordPress to /wordpress-new via FTP.

3. Rename current /wordpress to /wordpress-old.

4. Copy /wordpress-old/.htaccess to /wordpress-new

5. Copy /wordpress-old/wp-config.php to /wordpress-new

6. Copy /wordpress-old/wp-content to /wordpress-new

7. Rename /wordpress-new to /wordpress

8. Go to /wordpress/wp-admin/upgrade.php

Don’t forget to make sure wp-content and .htaccess are properly chmodded.

If anything happens you’ve got the database backed up and ALL of your old files on the server. just restore the database and rename /wordpress-old to /wordpress

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  1. on 18 Nov 2019 at 9:03 pm Gavin Hardon

    I really appreciate your help. This exta slice of information will be put in place.

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