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it’s a bit of a pain to print to a CUPS print server from OS X.  here’s how i got it working (much cribbed from macosxhints).

  1. open the printer setup utility and create a printer.  give it any old address; let’s call it
  2. Open a webbrowser and go to This is a front end to the printer admin, Apple’s ‘Printer Setup Utility’ is just a front end to the same place. However Apple have not included every option. Like making a raw printer.*
  3. Click the ‘Printers’ link. This will give you a list of currently installed printers on your Mac.
  4. find the printer named click ‘Modify Printer’
  5. Set a printer description. The description will be in your Print settings when you print and it can contain spaces. Click Continue.
  6. On the next screen select ‘Internet Printing Protocol (ipp)’ and press ‘Continue’.
  7. Enter the device URI. This will look like  you can get the printer name by going to your server’s CUPS page (e.g. and clicking on the Printers tab.)  Hit continue.
  8. Select ‘Raw’ from the list. Click Continue
  9. Select ‘Raw Queue (en)’ (or anything else if you have other languages) and Click Continue.  If you’re asked for a user ID and password, enter in your OS X machine’s information.
  10. Your printer is now set up and will be in the list of Shared Printers when you go to print.  Hooray!

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One Response to “how to print to a CUPS server from mac os x”

  1. on 21 Jul 2009 at 4:50 pm Marc Logemann

    As soon as i define the printer as raw in the CUPS web admin, it disappears in the Mac GUIs and is not selectable. Weird that it works for you.

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