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to get an hp scanjet 5550c scanner working on a mac running snow leopard (10.6): install macports run on the command line: > sudo port install sane-backends xsane > scanimage -p –resolution 150 –format=tiff > checklist.150.tiff

i had a really rough time getting my chaintech av-710 installed on my debian box. finally, i figured it out: copy asound.state to your /var/lib/alsa/ folder and then run: alsactl restore thanks to ADS over at head-fi for this!

while shopping for a used subwoofer, i found it helpful to have a set of pure tones on a cd that i could use to demo various speakers. in fact, i found those wav files so useful that i’ve uploaded them here for you to download for free. uploaded tones range from 20 Hz (the […]

when i needed to wire my stereo to my music server 60 feet away, i immediately thought of a forum post a couple months back, where a fellow used ethernet cable to produce cheap audio cable. it made sense. cat5 ethernet cable appears relatively well shielded against noise-inducing radio waves: each of the 8 small […]

i decided a couple of months ago to hookup to my linux box a brother laser printer i picked up on craigslist. the idea would be to make this a network printer, accessible from anywhere on my lan. getting this thing installed (an HL-1240) though, was a nightmare. here’s how i finally got it working: […]

i’ve always wanted music in the shower. and not just some dinky little radio, but a real jukebox, with access to my music collection and playlists. after some google-searching, i’ve put together a system that does those things and more. for instance, i can play any song from my music collection in multiple rooms of […]

extending the range of the itrip

i’ve got an itrip and up until recently, it performed pretty poorly. in concept, the itrip works well: plug it into your ipod and broadcast your music to any FM frequency. just tune any nearby radio to the chosen station and voila – your ipod plays over your stereo and you didn’t have to mess […]