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make a new mysql database

log onto mysql: $ mysql -u root create the database: mysql> create database foo; grant access privileges: mysql> grant all privileges on foo.* to user@localhost;

let’s say your mysql user doesn’t have write access to your machine and using the INTO OUTFILE syntax is throwing errors: ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user you can get around these problems by submitting your mysql query  directly from the command line and  piping the output to a text file like so: >> […]

join two tables in mysql

to output the rows from two tables, indexed according to a column shared in common by the tables: SELECT table1.col1, table2.col2, FROM table1 LEFT JOIN table2 ON table1.col3 = table2.col3

i noticed that if you run adobe version cue 2, the mysql daemon automatically starts upon boot up of OS X. regardless, i’ve been having trouble starting mysql. i finally got things working by first killing the adobe-initiated mysqld. then, i followed the instructions laid out on marc liyanage’s site: Why do I get the […]

i’ve been working on a gene identification / network modeling experiment for a couple of weeks now. i have tons of processed microarray data that now needs to be examined as well as further annotated by hand. since all the data has already been processed, a spreadsheeting package is unncessary; what i really need is […]